If you can visit our boat, please try to contact us. Maybe you can rescue some things, which have nice memories to us. Like loggbook, guitarr, scissors...
Our phonenumbers are +358 50 5909980  or + 358 50 3771248
Kind Regards

Hentti and Arja

A short story about Serena and what happened in 17.6 2013

We were sailing from Azores to Spain, when the storm started. Waves became bigger and bigger and suddenly they were 20 meter high. One of these superwaves broked our sailboat and also plenty of water came inside. Because of that also electrical things went broken.

We were rescued by a helicopter to Portugal and the boat started drifting all alone.

We got plenty of information of her trip by chargo ships. French Warship Crew visited in our boat in October and rescued few things, which are now in Finland. They took also pictures of Serena.

Second visit in to the boat was December, when French ROV Crew visited there and we got really nice pictures from inside and outside. Damaged were not so bad and plenty of things were ok.

As usually, insurance company is not the best friend and we are still waiting our money.

So it not a surprise, that everything which is left in our boat, is very valuable to us.

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