sunnuntai 11. maaliskuuta 2012

Story from Martin

This time our guide Martin is telling you his typical day:

Kl 5.30 I start my day by praying, because people in Dominica are conscious of god. Then I drink hot chocolate or coffee. Then I clean my yard and do breakfast to my kids. After that I take shower head off to bay. 

In a typical day, I pick up the clients from their boats and head up to the Indian River. We leave the engine boat and take the rowing boat, because it is not allowed use engine. Along the way we are able to see and hear birds and my explanation about the river and history. 

If we are lucky, we can see kingfisher, heron and our national bird – jack parrot!   Then we disembark up a small dock up the river. Walking throw the plantation we will see four sorts of a bananas and other fruits and herbs. For example guava and mango, most times coconuts. Relax for a while in the jungle eating fresh coconuts. Prepare to head down. I have very strong muscles because of rowing every day. 

After dropping the clients back to their boats I usually check out if somebody needs a help. And how I can make their stay more enjoyable. Sometimes I give to them fresh fruits. Sometimes hiking and birdwatching. We have 166 types of birds, 90 types of orchids and ferns 188 types. And different kind of butterflies 55.

I am 43 years old and I have studied to become a tour guide here in Portsmouth. And some of my training program was facility from nature and conservancy and Caribbean tourism organization –CTO. I have been a tour guide since 1992, quite many years, but still I am like a young boy!
Some of my hobbies are singing, dancing and serving. I am playing guitar – base or rhythm. Rest of the day I am with my family.

 I invite you to come and visit my nature island!

Wishes Martin Providence

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